Country tones met with soft piano sounds on Camille Grey’s debut album “Gold’n’Blue” released in September 2013. The listener was invited into a colorful universe of stories about everything from a neurotic “orchid addict” to the naive groupie trying to hitch a ride to Nashville. An awkward date wearing too hot polyester pants and the love ballad to the beautiful artist in gold and blue. The burning rooms burned and the songs made you feel alive as Camille Grey’s fervent voice embraced the stories.

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On September 1st 2016 Camille Grey released her second album:


“Worry Ends Where Faith Begins” is recorded in an old missionary house in the Swedish countryside in collaboration with producer Carl Granberg and musicians Bebe Risenfors and Rune Højmark. An album full of catchy melodies and captivating stories about “art, love, life & music!”.

A great deal of the new songs are composed in NYC, Nashville and Paris, where Camille lived in 2015, and on the album she pays tribute to strong musical icons such as Patsy Cline, Judy Collins, June Carter Cash & Johnny Cash. Camille Grey’s song universe is diverse and on “Worry Ends Where Faith Begins” you’ll also find love ballads, songs about courage, therapy sessions, home organs and an alternative travel guide to Paris. Listen!

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Cover illustrations for each song by artist Ida Kvetny.

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